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Automatic PVC Corner and Surface Cleaning Machine (Single Cutter Set)

Used for cleaning welded corners and surfaces of plastic profiles.

  • Hydro-Pneumatic motion 
  • Automatic returning to process starting point
  • Centering system allowing profiles to correctly fit on a 45° miter 
  • Pneumatic clamps
  • Pneumatic blade replacement system 


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    • Optional Equipment
      • Cutter set
      • Single-phase system
      • Conveyor

    02 ORBİT IV SA

    Semi-Automatic PVC Corner and Surface Cleaning Machine

     Used for cleaning the burrs created by welding of PVC window rails, doors, frames and etc. welded at an angle of 90°.

    • Cleaning of bottom, top and external surfaces of the profile by two independent cleaning units 
    • Memory capacity for 250 profiles
    • Touchscreen control panel 
    • Easy and quick entering of the program for the profile to be cleaned with the proprietary software of Özçelik Makina 
    • Operator adjusted cutting speed and axial speeds
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      • Optional Equipment
        • Conveyor
        • Profile external cleaning saw blade 
        • Surface cleaning blade

      03 ORBİT V

      Automatic PVC Corner and Surface Cleaning Machine

      Used for cleaning the burrs on the profile generated after the welding operation of plastic profiles.

      • Cleaning the lower, upper, inner and outer surfaces of profiles by means of two independent cleaning units
      • Easy programming with manual control system (hand wheel)
      • Manually adjustable axial speeds by the operator
      • Real-time communication between two machines
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        Profile recognition system

        1000 pcs. profile memory capacity

        Manual and automatic operability

        11 pcs. automatic profile cleaning blade

        Separate cleaning blades for coloured and white profiles

        Remote access

        Data transmission via remote net connection, Ethernet and USB

        Alarm and warning alert on display

        • Стандартная Комплектация
          • Конвейер
          • Пила для наружней очистки профиля
          • Чистящие ножи (лезвия)
          • Фрезы